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Anatomical Models for Doctors and Students

BERLINanatomy specializes in providing educational anatomical models and charts to the pharmaceutical and medical industries for the purpose of educating the public to better understand how to improve one's health.

Our Human Anatomy models include the heart, liver, kidney, lung, eye, ear, brain, half brain, foot, hand, vertebrae L1-L2-L3, spine, and muscled cervical to name a few.

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BERLINanatomy also has the ability to produce both custom artwork and illustration to complete, original 3D molding of all body parts. Quantity, mass production is produced to meet most forecasted budgets and timelines.

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Our Veterinary models include canine and feline jaws, knee, ear, pelvis, and more. All models are shipped complete with display stand and educational card. Each is made of durable composite plastic. Ideal for use in veterinary medicine, animal shelters or related animal health facilities for patient consultation, student training and owner education.

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We offer and can develop a multitude of education products including CD Roms, Handheld computer electronic flipcharts and Biofeedback programs.

Anatomical charts and white boards complete our education series. These are available in a number of sizes and finishes that can satisfy most budgets, large or small. Essentially whiteboards are the new millennium's "chalk blackboards" which include anatomical illustrations to help a health care professional educate their patient.

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Biofeedback programs offer a drug free alternative from helping to reduce blood pressure, stop smoking, aid sleep or help rebuild a sexual relationship after the physical handicap of sexual dysfunction has been remedied.

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Our electronic Digital Patient Education programs can educate patients in any language and help build compliance through education and involvement.

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Contact BERLINanatomy for all your patient education materials needs. Our business is achieved by supplying the best anatomical/medical content through many mediums of communication.

BERLINanatomy helps compliance through education.


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Anatomical Models for Doctors and Students :: anatomical products include: 3D anatomical models, anatomical charts, human anatomical models, veterinary models and veterinary animal charts. Other Services include biofeedback programs and electronic digital patient education programs.