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Why do business with BERLINanatomy?

BERLINanatomy has been a member of the Pharamceutical manufacturer's association for over 20 years. We consult with both RX & D and PAAB to ensure that our products meet their codes of ethics. Accurate production planning and costing reinforces "delivery on-time, on budget".

Our marketing experience works with you to produce a successful, innovative program that will ensure all physicians or veterinarians benefit and thus help educate their patients. We can also supply warehouse and distribution facilities. We have the experience to ship local, National or International with knowledgeable advice for customs and transport.

We look forward to serving you.

By appointment only:

Phone/Fax: 514-939-3600






BERLINanatomy, Montreal, Quebec, Canada ° Phone: 514-939-3600 °

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