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Animal Models

• 3D Animal Models include canine heart, jaw, pelvis, knee, elbow and vertebrae as well as feline jaw
• Berlin Anatomy can design any mold of any animal part you may require. Contact us today.



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Veterinary schools and pharmaceutical manufacturers benefit from our line of animal models. Jaw and heart models can help a healthcare professional or pet food supplier to educate the pet owner on how to best care for their animal. Stock designs or complete custom designed anatomical illustration and artwork showing specific anatomy or pathology for a specific illness can easily be created. Research and verification is a necessary part of our process to guarantee accuracy.

Examples are shown below. Please contact us for your needs as we have too many animal models to display them all here. You might be looking for other models such as an anatomical horse model, an

canine heart worm


canine 5pce vertebrae


canine jaw


feline jaw

canine knee
canine elbow
canine pelvis

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