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Anatomy Models

BERLIN Anatomy specializes in serving the Continuing (CHE & CME) Health Education Divisions of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Models available include prostate models and charts, breast models and charts, hip models and charts, knee models and charts, osteoporosis models and charts, spine models and charts, hypertension models and charts, heart models and charts, digestion models and charts, eye models and charts, brain models and charts.

We provide the following products in and for these medical industries or fields:

  • medical or veterinary medicine models and charts
  • orthopedic models and charts
  • OB/GYN models and charts
  • women’s health models and charts
  • urolgy models and charts
  • dermatology models and charts
  • ophthalmology models and charts
  • internal medicine models and charts
  • rehabilitation models and charts
  • physical therapy models and charts
  • sports medicine models and charts
  • massage therapy models and charts

for legal, educational and related purposes. Made of durable composite plastic, each model is a colorful three-dimensional model suitable for anatomical studies, research or professional practice, student or patient education, procedural demonstrations, and consumer education.

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